Wellness Challenges Promote All Aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle

A variety of fun challenges encourage employee participation

Beat the Sugar Boss

Beat the Sugar Boss OR Food Junkie Challenge

  • Work as an individual or teams to challenge The Boss
  • Conquer your sugar or junk food cravings
  • Option: Lose pounds for charity

6 weeks

Spring Clean Your Health

Spring Clean Your Health Challenge

  • Compete as teams or individuals
  • Weekly small goals from water drinking and exercise to stress-management

6 weeks

Colorado Relay

Colorado Relay Group Walking Challenge

  • Work together as one group or in teams
  • Walk the distance of the state of Colorado
  • Track miles walked by converting time or steps into distance

4 weeks

Move More

Move More Challenge

  • Work as individuals
  • Get motivated to get moving with specific movement goals each day
  • Track Daily Moves completion

4 weeks

Produce Bingo

Produce BINGO (Summer or Harvest BINGO (Fall) 30 Day Challenge

  • Work as individuals
  • Focus on eating fruits & veggies, trying new things

30 days

Trim Your Plate

Trim Your Plate 30-Day Challenge

  • Eat on 9-10” plate once per day for 30 days
  • Learn portion control and tips
  • Healthy Plate of the Week Contest

30 days

Happiness Challenge

Happiness 21-Day  Challenge

  • Commit to proven activities to increase happiness
  • Learn your current level of happiness
  • Assess yourself at the end to determine progress

3 weeks

Commit To Be Fit

Commit to Be Fit Challenge

  • Set incremental and personal fitness goals
  • Divided into three phases with different fitness and fuel goals to gradually improve fitness

9 weeks

Have A Heart

#Have a Heart Challenge

  • Weekly activities that focus on four different topics
  • Practice gratitude, eating well, moving  & connection

4 weeks

Daily Goals Challenge

Daily Goals 30-Day Challenge

  • Choose from a list of common health goals
  • Select a different or same goal each day for 30 days
  • Track you goal completion on a calendar

30 days

Holiday No Gain Campaign

Holiday No Gain Campaign Thanksgiving thru New Year

  • Maintain weight during the holidays
  • Holiday  weight management tips
  • Easy—no tracking; Just weigh in and weigh out

8 weeks

Holiday No Gain De-Stress Campaign

Holiday No Gain Campaign—De-stress Your Holidays

  • Maintain weight during the holidays
  • Weekly Tips focus on holiday related stress management tips

8 weeks

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