Grand Valley Good Vibes

Take The 1-2-3 Pledge

Join US In Promoting Kindness & Gratitude For 14 Days


Purpose of this Challenge:

Did you know your emotional state dramatically affects your mental and physical health? The great news is, you don’t have to win the lottery to improve your emotional state. You can start NOW by joining others in the community in taking the GV² 1-2-3 Pledge:

Pay ONE sincere compliment each day. Why?
Because sincere compliments can build trust, take the focus off yourself and your problems, and spark joy in someone else’s life.

Express TWO thank yous each day. Why?
Because expressing appreciation builds relationships, enhances your empathy for others, and reduces feelings of jealousy. Plus, it feels good!

Record THREE things you’re grateful for each day. Why?
Focusing on what you’re grateful for improves your resilience, your sleep, your mood and even your physical health.

BONUS! Complete Daily Dare’n’Shares to be entered to win one of two $25 Gift Cards each day!

Read your email or join us on the Good Vibes Grand Valley Facebook page to participate in Daily Dares that will add even more positive vibes into your life!

Do you dare go a whole day without complaining? What about a day without gossip? Want to share your favorite (clean) joke? Complete these and other Daily Dares and share your experience on our Facebook page to qualify to be entered to win one of two daily $25 gift cards.

Register as an Individual or Organization! Your registration includes:

  • A GV² Good Vibes Grand Valley bracelet for each of your participants to remind them of their pledge and to show others they support our community
  • Daily inspirational emails to keep your participants focused on kindness and gratitude. These will be sent to the person who registers your organization to distribute to your participants.
  • Chances for your participants to WIN $25 gift cards by participating in Daily Dare’n’Shares.
  • Chances for your participants to WIN one of several great final prizes by submitting their completed Tracking Cards. These will be available to print and complete by hand or can be reported via a final survey link that will be emailed to you.
  • “We support Good Vibes Grand Valley” window clings to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to employee wellbeing and our community.

Proceeds support Hilltop’s Community Wellness Program, a local non-profit initiative that offers free and low-cost tobacco cessation services, support groups, and work-site wellness assistance to help improve well-being in the Grand Valley.

Grand Valley Good Vibes



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